OKWag! - Dog Walking & BoardingThe Cesky (chess-key) Terrier, also known as the
 Bohemian  or   Czech Terrier
was developed by Czech geneticist 

Mr. Frantisek Horak

UPDATE: April 2020

Thank you for your interest in the Cesky Terrier.

We are retiring from breeding. Thank you to all our clients who are enjoying the companionship of our puppies. Our aim was to breed the best, to the breed standard and place all in forever homes. With only 2 exceptions we accomplished our goals. Thank you to each and everyone.
May God bless you and keep us all safe from harm.
Katherine and Ted Eckstrom

As always, if you would like more information about the breed, please don't hesitate to contact us at ceskyusa@yahoo.com 


Ch. Chlap Lovu zdar
Most Titled Cesky Terrier
(24 Champion Titles)

Int'l Champion (FCI) 1997
Featured on NBC-TV "Today Show" 1997
R. World Champion (FCI) 1997 & 1999
R. Winner Veltrusy 1997
Amsterdam Winner (FCI) 1997 & 1998
Euro Cup Kortrijk (FCI) 1998 & 1999
Brussels Winner (FCI) 1999
Puerto Rico Champion (FCI) 1997
Mexican Champion (FCI) 1997
Luxembourg Champion (FCI) 1998
Czech Republic Champion (FCI) 1999
Nederland Champion (FCI) 1999
Belgian Champion (FCI) 1999
TAN-France 1999
5 Best in Shows / Owner Handled
7 North American Club Championships
Czech Cesky Club Champion 1999

Pure Czech bloodlines
Maintaining the (FCI) standard
of Frantisek Horak


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