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Litter Born 02/12/2020

2 Females and 1 Male



"H" Litter:

Hannah Bohemia USA

Hettie Bohemia USA

Higgins Bohemia USA

Mom: Galanka od Fontanky multi Championship Titles
Dad: Jethro/Junior of BumbleBee Castle


This is our last litter. We are retiring from breeding. Thank you to all our clients who are enjoying the companionship of our puppies. Our aim was to breed the best, to the breed standard and place all in forever homes. With only 2 exceptions we accomplished our goals. Thank you to each and everyone.
May God bless you and keep us all safe from harm.
Katherine and Ted Eckstrom

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Kenny "A" litter: All puppies have been placed.

Thank you!

"A" Litter 

2 Males (placed) and 1 Female (placed)

Please contact Pat Kenny at

SEE "More Puppies Update" for more information

"A" Litter

2 Males (placed) and 1 Female (placed)

Please contact Pat Kenny at

SEE "More Puppies Update" for more information








Andi - Female from "A" Litter at 24 days old

Andi - Female from "A" Litter at 24 days old


 Litter Born 1/24/2017
2 Females and 1 Male

Mother and puppies are all doing fine!

"G" litter puppies at 2 days old

UPDATE: ALL 3 puppies have been PLACED.


                                            "Why Bohemia USA puppies are not AKC registered"
          At Bohemia USA kennel we firmly believe in breeding toward Mr. Horak's vision and the FCI standard. After years of being in close communication with Mr. Horak, we refuse to dishonor his vision for our beloved Cesky terrier.
          The American Kennel Club [AKC] and their chosen breed club promote the use of a club generated breed standard that does not follow the FCI standard or Mr. Horak’s vision. We believe that this action will create irreparable damage to our beloved breed. Therefore, we have chosen not to join the AKC breed club or register our litters with AKC.
          Regardless of our personal decisions regarding AKC registration and the US breed club; we provide our puppy owners with a FCI registration and a 5 generation pedigree so that they can register their puppy with the kennel club of their choice.
          At Bohemia USA we care about our puppy owners and love to hear about our puppies, their new families, and their accomplishments. If you are looking for a fine quality Cesky puppy that was bred to follow the vision of Mr. Horak and the FCI standard, you are looking in the right place.
          When you receive your puppy, you will be provided with the following:
          1. Small bag of Purina Beyond Salmon Food.
          2. 'The Cesky Terrier (Comprehensive Owner's Guide)' by Katherine Eckstrom (available at
          3. FCI registration
          4. A 5-generation pedigree
          5. A veterinary certificate of health
          6. His or her 1st set of vaccinations

          7. Your puppy will be hand delivered (International or North America)
              8. Dew claws removed